Any 17 year olds just got car insurance? (UK)?

If I sign up having a medical health insurance for 1 year and that I was undergoing large cure towards our contract's finish and that I need to restore. Can insurance provider deny the rebirth? In-state of California. I want to get Blue Shield Of California
"The 4x4 damaged a corner end-of my Rover 75Im an operating mom had an accident which expected me to keep home to recover. May the loss of service protection plans remedy for my state considering your times I'm far from work will not be earned for by me?
Somebody told me I could face charges or that I probably have insurance on my vehicle. Is this genuine?
No motorcycle knowledge at all. No driving record. 21/M/Florida. Never held a driver's/bike permit in the usa. Am going to take the MSF class though.
Which 1 is the best and Cheap Car Insurance?
"Reside in michigan and if

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